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FRK001 Kat Nine - Declaration EP

FRK001 - Kat Nine - Declaration EP



This EP is a selection of 3 works from Kat Nine, which present the range of styles and sound coming from the label.


Track 1 - 'Not Fussed'

Riding slow and steady out of the gates at 120 bpm is track 1 'Not Fussed', a minimal techno stomper. Don't be fooled by the slow tempo, this track packs aggression and punch coming in with maximum boost on the low end, it's a guaranteed sound system banger.  Expect to hear a careful arrangement of seemingly random sounds bouncing around the stereo field laid over a simple yet infectious beat. On top of this is the usual Kat Nine sound of call and response analogue style synth's containing the filter whipped square wave sound that the punters seem to like so much. Turn it up.


Track 2 - 'Renovate'

Picking up the pace to 126 bpm now is 'Renovate', which goes for a big room techno sound.The track contains powerful techy sounds, 808 snares and filtered synth stabs fired down a long reverb chamber, laid over a simple minimal bassline.In contrast to 'Not Fussed', this track presents the use of a melodic synth line, putting emphasis on a more emotional overtone with a driving powerful energy.  After the huge melodic stripped down drop, it builds back up to the addition of side-chained ride cymbals and noise oscillators to ensure maximum fulfilment on the dance floor. Enter the melody.


Track 3 - 'Osmosis'

For the climax of the EP is 'Osmosis', an absolute techno roller blazing at 129 bpm.The track is driven by the pacing bassline and marching snare rhythm.This leaves room for a call and response between a synthesised pitched-down vocal with fun analogue delays and an aggressive synth stab, whipped with a resonant filter - Kat Nine's signature sound.The big break keeps the energy rolling leading towards a final explosion as all sound is sent into a reverb chamber. Big track selecta. Kat Nine style.




All artwork for the label is also created by Kat Nine'Declaration'Artist Statement: 'A representation for variation of style with coherence of sound. A declaration and proof of solidarity and flow for the future'. There are 3 right-angled triangles that represent the 3 pieces of music.The difference in tempo throughout the EP that increases from 120 bpm, to 126 bpm, to 129 bpm are conveyed by a measurement, which is scaled and plotted with the two lines coming from each right-angled corner of it's triangle (on the inner side).The similar two lines on the outer side of this are at a static value, representing similarity of sound.  The framing of each piece of music and it's inherent characteristics all direct (flow) to the same exit point (stream). This is a forwards movement (from left to right), towards the future - and the point of release (finalisation).


The tracks are drawn within a framework cast by an outline of a hexagon, which is the most efficient shape in nature (and mathematics) and so, is a statement of the solidarity of the foundations for the label as a whole.The dotted triangle represents the next piece of music, which is inevitably constructed within the same sphere, of the same sound and mind.It is a declaration of flow, continuity and consistency for the future.


Full writeup of the productions and artwork development can be found at www.katninemusic.com


Thank you for listening, I hope the creations bring you joy and good energy.


Kat Nine